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    Small VRLA batteries - HY-12V5.0 [Back]
      Product features:

      (1) The service life of design floating charge is 4 years;
      (2) Excellent charge storage capability: Our battery adopts aluminum tin lead calcium alloy,use high quality raw materials, and with strict process control.So our battery makes the self-discharge of the battery little,it could be achieved battery self-discharge ≦ 4% / month.
      (3) Excellent charging ability: Our battery after fully charged at 0.1C for 48 hours  at 25 ℃, it won't leak and the shape also won't deform.
      (4) Our batteries adopt double seal design with the strict process control,.So that the batteries won't leak liquid, etc.

      Electrical properties:
      Rated voltage: 12 V
      The rated capacity: 5 AH (20 HR)
      The actual capacity: 5 AH
      Physical properties:
      The reference weight: 1.61Kg plus or minus 2%
      The actual weight: 1.6Kg/1.7kg
      Dimension: 150*50*97*100mm (length * width * height * total high)
      Terminal form: F1/F2  (other forms should be made in advance)
      Conventional color: black (other colors to be made in advance)
      Packing details:
      Packing quantity: 10 PCS
      Carton size: 285*250*125mm (length * width * height)
      Packing: neutral packing, normal five layer corrugated carton used
      Other details:
      Quality warranty period: 12 months
      Areas of application: Shutter is special battery, security battery, UPS battery, etc.

      Matters need attention:

      1. The storage battery should be stored at 0 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ environment, and  recharged every four months. The maximum storage time of the storage batteries should not exceed one year. Otherwise ,the battery capacity and life will be reduced; 
      2. The battery should be in full charge state before it is stored.Or charge the battery and store it after it is used,the discharge is not allowed to be stored;
      3. Battery not to be inverted,Otherwise, electrolyte will leak out;
      4. The battery cannot be placed in a sealed environment.Otherwise, there's a danger of an explosion.
      5. At the end of battery life,should be properly treated,Free abandonment can cause environmental pollution.
      6. The battery is heavy and its shell is brittle,when moving, you should take it lightly .It is strictly forbidden to tumble and wrestle storage batteries.At the same time, pay attention to the terminal not to be subjected to external forces.
      7. Do not use organic solvents to clean batteries,otherwise, the shell will be damaged.
      8. Charged storage battery leave the factory,do not attempt to remove the battery in order to avoid danger.If the battery shell is damaged by accident, the acid is in contact.Please rinse with plenty of water immediately. If necessary, please seek medical attention immediately.

      Warm prompt:
      (1) The datas above  subject to change without notice,  please subject to substance!
      (2) Our company can make special custom production according to the different requirements of our customers.


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