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    Brian Colpak — Tech Entrepreneur

    Brian Colpak is an experienced manager, tech entrepreneur, and the founder of Continental Global. Previously, Brian has worked as a managing partner and the go-to person for project management in large companies. Before starting Continental Global, Brian had led several other companies—including Future Technologies, where he was President and CEO, that was recognized as one of the top 100 fastest growing companies in Massachusetts.

    Mr. Colpak has always had a passion for technology and is currently devoted to securing part of an upcoming project in Dubai where he will be heading up an eleven-member team of seasoned technology executives and former state department personnel. This opportunity is a testament to his commitment and work ethic at Continental Global.

    Brian is a devoted family man. He and his wife Christine were blessed with a baby boy - Dereck - who was diagnosed with Autism at 18 months old. From that day forward, his goal was to help these special children and create a platform to support their needs.

    Mr. Colpak served on the Board of Advisors at his son’s school, the New England Center for Children. For five years he supported the school with his time and donations.

    Brian sat on the school’s Executive Event Committee to raise awareness and drive donations for children with autism. Events he organized included the 6th Annual “Night of Music,” where he worked alongside Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker and former Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis.

  • Skillsets

    Experienced Manager

    Ever since his hockey days, Brian has been a team player. He has always known how to work with others to seize the win. And when it comes to the tech sector, Brian uses this experience to build strong teams capable of accomplishing any task.

    Tech Expert

    Brian Colpak has over 30 years of experience in the volatile tech industry. As someone who has survived multiple seismic shifts in a business filled with rapid change, you know you will be working with someone you can trust — a real survivor who has seen everything.